Manana strives to build partnerships with individuals and organizations that seek to make a difference in society. We firmly believe that partnerships are the key to sustain real change. We are committed to research sharing and collaborative ways of working.
National Culture Fund (NCF)
2006- 2008
Manana did a Research and Documentation project Music of the Mirs in partnership with the National Culture Fund, set up by the Department of Culture, Government of India.
Women Power Connect
Since 2006
Manana was invited to be a member of WPC in 2006. Since then we have been actively participating in the debates and discussions around various issues including the Domestic Violence Bill and Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill.
Society for Working Life (SWL)
Since 2004
SWL and Manana worked together as co-organisers of the Women, Work and Health International Congress 2005.
The Congress focussed on key issues involved in the evaluation of occupational health and safety, and was aimed at ensuring women’s well being by striving for a better work life.
Psychological Foundations Trust (PFT)
Since 1997
Manana houses Manojigyasa, the library of Psychological Foundations Trust founded by Dr. Vimala Lal, a senior practicing psychologist in New Delhi. Manana’s staff looks after the collection, and issues books, journals and test material as per advice and on behalf of PFT.

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