Visit to the Yamuna Biodiversity Park

Yamuna Biodiversity Park- Jagatpur Village Road, Wazirabad

On Saturday 10th November 2018, several students from Manana’s GK 2 Centre got the chance to visit the Yamuna Biodiversity Park. At the park they went on a guided tour of the ‘open to humans’ sections and had a chance to learn about, the environment of Delhi, reclaiming habitation for flora and fauna and the importance of bees and pollination.

We had a chance to see Peacocks, Indian Cormorants, Spot-billed Duck and Grey and Purple Heron in the wild, and had a discussion on why it is important to keep wild animals, wild.

The children asked many questions during the 2 hour tour, and were promptly invited back in December for a more through tour of the park and to see the migratory birds, coming from as far as Nepal, China and Siberia.