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Gender and Cyberspace (March 2016)

We will examine the questions: Are physical space and cyberspace roughly equivalent concepts? Can we relate traditional philosophical arguments about physical space to cyberspace? Do these arguments tell us anything about the nature of cyberspace? And the main question that we will explore; Is cyberspace gendered?

To be presented at Equal World Equal Spaces: A Festival Celebrating Women Work and Health, 11th – 13th March, 2016

Occupational Health and Safety Lobbying

Women Work & Health International Congress

In keeping with its commitment to gender sensitising and equality, Manana took up the responsibility of Co-organiser of the IV International Congress on Women, Work and Health held in New Delhi from November 27 to 30, 2005. From grassroots workers to researchers and women entrepreneurs, this Congress brought together hundreds of delegates from over 50 countries. The focus was on key issues involved in the evaluation of occupational health and safety, and to discuss strategies to ensure women’s well being by striving for a better work life. Continue reading Occupational Health and Safety Lobbying