An evening of Sufi music – India Habitat Centre

India Habitat Centre
6 January, 2008

Manana presented an evening of Sufi music by Mir Mukhtiyar Ali and his troupe at the India Habitat Centre. The evening was attended by over 300 people and was a huge success. Mir Mukhtiyar Ali mesmerised the audience with his soul stirring renditions of compositions by various poets like Sultan Bahu, Khwaja Ghulam Farid and Shah Hussain. Ghulam Hussain ably accompanied him on the tabla, Faqruddin on the harmonium, while Abdul Jabbar and Allah Rakha gave him vocal support.

The most moving quality of his music was his total involvement with the poetry and emotional content depicting the yearning for communion with the divine. It was heartening to see the overwhelming emotional response of the people. After the concert many came forward to extend their support with offers of recordings and concerts to promote the Mirs.