Manana Teachers’ Initiative in History and the Social Sciences

An initiative under which a few school teachers, educationists, teacher educators, historians and academics hold monthly workshops at Manana to discuss a range of issues pertaining to History, History Education and Social Science Education in schools.

A number of changes in school syllabi, textbooks, teaching practices, evaluation strategies and the overall system have been set in motion following recommendations set out in the National Curriculum Framework–2005. One of the chief aims of the workshop is to examine the latest research in the subject of History, and in Social Science more generally, especially the research that has gone into the making of the NCERT’s new books. We desire to understand how History is done; that is, the methods of the historian. Equally, we seek to discuss pedagogic questions, the place of our subjects in the school curriculum, and the problems we face as teachers of History and Social Science.

Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women – An Insight
Findia Foundation, 2008

Transcription, compilation and preparation of the book

A compilation of interviews with inspiring women from Finland and India reflecting the innovative thought processes of the women, thereby attempting to chart the emerging trends in social, political, cultural and economic spheres of both countries.