Humayun Tomb Visit

As a part of Manana Support School Programme, we organized a visit for our students to Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi , on 28 th of January, 2009. Since this was the first outdoor trip, there was much excitement and anticipation amongst the children and staff. On the breezy, sunny afternoon of the 28 th , twenty five children and five adults set out to explore the magnificent monument and its spacious environs. As we wandered around, one of the Manana staff explained the brief history of Humayun, the monument and related anecdotes.

The students listened and observed keenly, and of course, thoroughly enjoyed running around in the complex. This was followed by an ‘on the spot painting contest’ in which the children gave free and colourful expression to whatever interested them in that space. The visit concluded with lively discussions and hearty enjoyment of the refreshments. The whole experience was so much fun that we are eager to organize more field trips in the future.

Fascism In People’s Minds – A Talk by Dr. Susmita Dasgupta

Fascism In People’s Minds: India Post 26/11

A Talk by Dr. Susmita Dasgupta , Media Sociologist and Political Economist
22 January, 2009

The terrorist attack on the 26th of November 2008 in Mumbai invokes sentiments among Indians that seem to be slowly moving towards imagining a fascist state.

In the minds of the Indians, a “perfect state” is one in which there is predominance of military, judiciary, technology, large corporations and people’s participation in the state as vigilantes. There seems to be an imagination in the people’s minds that democracy means soft states incapable of protecting its citizens from possible terror attacks.

Why are Indians imagining a polity that belongs to those very countries that breed terror? Why do Indians want to become like the nations which in their eyes are enemies? Why are Indians showing such proclivity towards becoming a fascist state?

The speaker uses various popular opinions circulating in emails and facebook wall writings to cull out popular responses to the incidents of 26/11.

Film production: Music of the Mirs

FILM: Music of the Mirs

As a part of our Research and Documentation initiative with the Mir community in Bikaner, we made a documentary film Music of the Mirs (73 min 30s, 2008).


The film is an attempt to document and explore the past and present of the Mirs and their music. It has evolved out of an enriching partnership between Manana and the Mirs — The Mirs wanted their history and music documented, and we were in love with their music! Continue reading Film production: Music of the Mirs