Organizational Support

Manana strongly believes in supporting new and upcoming organizations and individual effort that seeks to make a difference to society.

The major deterrents to new initiatives are the lack of seed capital and organizational supports. Keeping these problems in mind Manána has assisted research scholars, organizations and individual in their projects by providing non-monetary support.

Manána offers administrative support, premises, research assistance and co-ordination, in house editing and programs and event management.

Manána has collaborated with several organizations which have become successful in their own right.

Albert Einstein Lecture, 1999
Albert Einstein Lecture, 1999

For example, during 1998 Manána agreed to support The Centre for Philosophy and Foundations of Science. Housed in Manána CPFS successfully organized the Albert Einstein Lecture by Professor Stephen Hawking in January 1999.

Providing library premises to the Psychological Foundations Trust and The Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children, Manána now houses books on diverse subjects ranging from Clinical Psychology to contemporary children’s fiction.

In 2001-02, Manána provided support to the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), an organization admitted by the United Nations to Category 1 Consultative Status. Dr Y. Nakano, President, OISCA International Tokyo, and her staff were delighted by the voluntary support given by Manána.

Manána is a co-organizer, along with Society for Working Life (Swl, Stree Shakti the parallel force and Nehru Memorial Museum and library, of the IV International Congress on Women Work and Health (WWH) to be held in November 2005. Since January 1 2004, it has offered its research assistance and library facilities to SWL and the WWH secretariat, including office space.

Manána was approached by the Center for Documentation and Area- Transcultural Studies at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) for coordinating research on a project dealing with the Partition of India. Manána has now formalized a partnership with Manána for the project which is also simultaneously happening in Bangladesh.

New Delhi, India