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Kahini Workshop, July 26-27th 2015

Delhi is a city of stories and storytellers. From the bards who once combed the streets of Shahjahanabad delivering juicy stories of the Mughal harems to the ruins of Tughlakabad Fort that speak of an emperor’s confrontation with a Sufi saint, stories are intrinsic to the fabric of Delhi.

Like our multilayered city, our families too have their stash of stories. These are recounted at family gatherings and over long drives, at lazy Sunday lunches and on chilly winter evenings, with our fingers tightly wrapped around cups of chai. Some of these stories we keep to ourselves, others we want to shout from rooftops and share with the world. Yet others, exist in multiple versions thanks to multiple memories that keep them afloat.

What stories of your own family do you want to preserve forever? What stories do you want to write? Either for yourself, to hand down to the next generation, or to share with the world?

Sayantani Dasgupta is an alumni of St. Stephen’s College and JNU. She worked for four years in publishing before acquiring her MFA in creative writing from the University of Idaho.

Jordan Hartt is a writer, writing teacher, and community and events organizer, and has taught literature and creative writing at Peninsula College.

International Workshop – Classical Indian Thought in English

Workshop: 14–16 December 2011

International Workshop on the Rendering of the Categories of Classical Indian Thought in the English Language: Perspectives and Problems at the India International Centre, Together with ICPR, ICCR, Ministry of Culture and IIC

Conveners: Dr. Mohini Mullick and Madhuri Santanam Sondhi Continue reading International Workshop – Classical Indian Thought in English

New Research

Ancient India: New Research
27-28 August, 2005

This workshop provided a forum for young historians to present their work on a range of refreshingly diverse themes. Papers based on archaeological studies were also presented along with those that are primarily concerned with the textual sources of ancient and early medieval India.