Library Activities

Activities of the Devahuti-Damodar Library (DDL):

Daily Activities

  • Cataloguing and Classification of Books, Journals and Articles
  • Subject Headings for Book and Article Search
  • Computerisation of Data
  • Inter Library Loan Facility
  • Research and Referencing
  • Conducting Internet Search for Research & Reference Material
  • Stock Taking
  • Book Repair and Maintenance
  • Documentation (including Report Writing)
  • Preparation of Book Lists and Bibliographies
  • Book Acquisition
  • Book and Map Donation—Receiving and Distribution

Other Activities

  • Housing the library collection of ‘Manojigyasa’, a Psychological Foundations Trust set up by the Government College for Women in Ludhiana. library called ‘Manojigyasa’. We have also classified and computerised this collection, and issue books and test material on their behalf.
  • Providing workshop space and facilities, assistance, guidance and computer linkage to members of the Psychological Foundations Trust, as well as to other civil society workers
  • Providing assistance in classification to libraries of ASTHA (Alternative Strategies for the Handicapped), CPFS (Centre for Philosophy and Foundations of Science), and other organisations
  • Training the Tibet House librarians in specialised subject headings and helping in the classification of their collection

New Delhi, India