Occupational Health and Safety Lobbying

Women Work & Health International Congress

In keeping with its commitment to gender sensitising and equality, Manana took up the responsibility of Co-organiser of the IV International Congress on Women, Work and Health held in New Delhi from November 27 to 30, 2005. From grassroots workers to researchers and women entrepreneurs, this Congress brought together hundreds of delegates from over 50 countries. The focus was on key issues involved in the evaluation of occupational health and safety, and to discuss strategies to ensure women’s well being by striving for a better work life.

Pre-Congress Workshop in Kathmandu 2 October, 2005
Pre-Congress Workshop in Kathmandu
2 October, 2005

Starting from 2003, Manana has been actively working towards the WWHI congress in its role as a key co-organiser. Our premises served as the Working Secretariat of the congress for over a year and a half. In order to spread awareness about the concerns and issues of WWHI, Manana organised Pre-Congress Workshops in various towns and cities in India and Nepal.