Sufi Music Concerts by Mir Mukhtiyar Ali and party

Shadaj Baithak
21 December, 2008

Mir Mukhtiyar Ali and party presented soulful renditions of sufiana kalaam at the Shadaj baithak in Pushpanjali farms on the morning of 21 December. Mukhtiyar is an outstanding musical talent from the small town of Pugal in Bikaner District, Rajasthan, belonging to the 26th generation of a family of Mir musicians. He is carrying forward the 500 year old tradition of singing Sufi poetry. He sings in Seraiki, Punjabi, Urdu and Sindhi, and is equally proficient in rendering Kafis, Qawallis and Ghazals. He has made pioneering efforts to revive this invaluable tradition within his community. In spite of his own financial hardships, Mukhtiyar has been trying to mobilize others from his community to bring them together and reignite a sense of pride in their identity and music.

At the baithak, the select audience comprising of music connoisseurs and lovers of Sufi music, was spellbound by Mukhtiyar’s voice, range and virtuosity; and entranced by the depth of feeling with which he imbued the poetry of Bulle Shah, Khwaja Ghulam Farid, Shah Hussain and Sultan Bahu. His restrained and evocative rendition of Medha Ishq vin toon was hailed by one and all. He was given able accompaniment on the table by Ghulam Hussain, and on the sarangi by Dayam Ali. Youngsters Farooq and Kalu Khan gave vocal support.

Special thanks to Ms. Aneeta Kalra

Delhi International Arts Festival 2008
21 December, 2008

Mukhtiyar Ali and party performed at the Ashok amphitheatre on the evening of 21st December as a part of the Sufi evening of the prestigious Delhi International Arts Festival. The audience of over four hundred people of different age groups clapped and cheered as the Mirs sang popular songs like Mastkalandar and Chaap Tilak, along with a wide range of other Sufi poetry.