About Manana

Operating from New Delhi (India), Manana is the activity arm of the Devahuti-Damodar Svaraj Trust (DDST) and supports projects related to:

  • History & Philosophy of the Indian sub-continent
  • Education, Study & Scholarships
  • Social work
  • Music, Arts & Literature

Manana’s routine administrative expenses are primarily borne by the DDST but most of its ongoing social activities  depend on charitable donations.

Manana’s on-going activities can be broadly categorised as follows:


  • Is a center for knowledge, research and training, and works toward the holistic development of our youth by offering a space in civil society in which they can pursue their interests and skills in a way that is not possible in government, religious or cultural bodies.
  • Serves as resource center for research on women’s issues with a special focus on gender studies.
  • Is a specialised library.
  • Provides assistance to organisations and individuals for research and documentation, by offering its library facilities and human resource skills.


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How to get involved and support Manana

New Delhi, India