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11TH – 13TH MARCH, 2016

Manana is a Conference Partner and on the Advisory Board.

 The Internationally famous Women, Work and Health Congress comes to Jaipur, India.

The Congress promotes integration of gender as a focal perspective in work & living conditions. This involves a paradigm shift between researchers and workers to evolve fresh perspectives and ideas that can lead to positive and long-lasting development. Eminent researchers, practitioners, thinkers and global leaders will be joining the forum with the key objective of highlighting integrated research and practice. The Congress will be showcasing major issues that are crucial to women’s work and well-being, by juxtaposing them against the context of gender mainstreaming in work, health and development.

 17th October 2015: Zoological Park Field Trip for the Manana School Support Programme

17th October 2015

Along with academics, here at Manana we try to organise activities that will broaden the minds of our students in other fields.  With this in mind Manana organises field trips, picnics, and painting competitions for the children.

Manana tries to take the children on a field trip every academic year, these trips have involved visits to museums and monuments.  In the weeks before rousing discussions are had about the destination and the children are prepped and excited for what they will see and learn on the day.  In previous years students have visited The Natural History Museum, Humayun’s Tomb and Jahapanna City Forest.

14th November 2015: Painting Competition

At Manana, we like to encourage the creative side of our students.  While our younger students have regular art and craft days, where they learn to drawing, painting and other papercrafts, we try to have a larger event for all students to showcase their art skills. In 2014 Manana held an art competition with the ‘Swach Bharat’ motto for ages 11 and up, while the younger children had ‘In my Garden’.  The children’s art was judged by a local artist and prizes for were handed out, both for skill and participation.

We will hold another art competition on 14th  November 2015.

New Delhi, India