Manana is a centre for knowledge and research working towards the holistic development of the youth. It offers a space in civil society for young people to pursue their interests and skills in a manner that is not possible in government, religious or cultural bodies.

Ancient India Workshop
Ancient India Workshop
August, 2005

It ensures access to psychological, educational and health counselling, especially amongst adolescents. It encourages youth interaction at the library premises by offering various activities to improve communication skills, and promote youth welfare, empowerment, and employment.

Core purpose:

  • Holistic development and education of youth to make them responsible, socially conscious and employable citizens

    Sanskrit Class at Manana
    Sanskrit Class at Manana
  • To create an understanding f Indian civilization and gain a worldview that is non chauvinistic
  • To promote harmony in a multicultural society


  • Economically and educationally challenged youth, especially youth migrating from small towns and rural areas

    Irish student orientation
    Orientation meeting with Irish students at Manana (2004)
  • Senior school students, especially those from government schools
  • Undergraduates, postgraduates, M.Phil students, management trainees, and medical students in the various colleges of Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia, as well as young social workers

New Delhi, India