No Sidebar & The New Clutterfree App

Our friends over at Becoming Minimalist have just released a new app to help people declutter their homes. We’re big fans of Becoming Minimalist and promote a lot of Joshua’s work here at No Sidebar.

The Clutterfree App is something we were going to share with you because of what it does. But when we knew we were going to be included in it, we couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

What is the Clutterfree app?

As announced on Becoming Minimalist, Clutterfree is the first app on the market to create a personalized, step-by-step roadmap to declutter your home.

I’ve seen the other “decluttering apps” that are available. Most of them just help you sell stuff, while the others only offer generic decluttering advice.

Kirby CMS

But Clutterfree is different. You select the different rooms in your home (even naming them if you want) and identify the decluttering difficulty of each. When you do, Clutterfree crafts a specific roadmap for you to work through decluttering your home—easiest to hardest.

Each room includes 10-12 specific to-do items that you check off as you progress through the spaces in your home.

Along the way, you collect achievements, track progress, document donations, even capture before/after photos of all the spaces in your home to keep you motivated and checking back on your progress. It really is an impressive tool.

Written by Caitie Wiersma

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